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Amsterdam | Amstelveen | Breda | p: +31 20 623 93 07 | f: +31 20 626 90 56 | | |

Optilens contact lens specialist Optilens is the leading contact lens specialist in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Breda. Come to us for suitable lenses, periodic checks and expert advice. And for the latest trends in sunglasses, we have our own Ray-Ban brand stores in the three branches.

Optilens provides respectful, expert service to every customer for a keen price. With the bespoke Optilens Privilege System you receive 10% discount on the standard price and you don’t have to pay the sum all at once. We also supply you with additional service. Depending on the chosen plan, for example, you can take advantage of free check-ups and replacement lenses in the event of breakage or loss. We have been specialising in contact lenses for over 40 years. So you can rely on us for your ideal combination of contact lenses and solutions!



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