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Restaurant Zuid Zeeland

Herengracht 413 | 1017 BP | Amsterdam | p: +31 20 624 31 54 | | |

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Upon entering the restaurant, one is immediately greeted by the warm welcoming environment of Zuid Zeeland. Unlike many traditional Dutch restaurants, with their dark wood, dim lights and smoky air, Zuid Zeeland creates a close, cosy feel while remaining bright and airy.

The dozen tables or so fill the restaurant comfortably, without being cramped. Warm light comes from halogen lamps hanging above each table from thin wires that run the length of the room. A huge bouquet of fresh flowers is centrepiece to the dining room, with another huge bouquet just outside the front door. Several smaller bouquets grace various tables and the bar, and colourful artwork hangs on the walls, completing the cheery ambiance. The dining room staff greets guests at the door ready to whisk away coats, gloves, and scarves with broad smiles and a welcome, friendly demeanour.



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