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Primo Passo is Italian for the first step. The first step to a better fysical and mental health. I provide 1-on-1 personal training @home or @work. I have a special proteïn diet plan to lose weight quickly and responsibly. Intake is free of charge. Call Anita


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Lost weight (a lot....)
Hi guys, Anita of Primo Passo is a very good motivator and personal trainer. I lost at least 10 kg with her help and her Protein diet in 2 months, and that's without any workout. The products you have to eat and drink are very tastefull and so it's quite easy to continue with the diet plan. She gives great service and advice, how to keep the lost kilograms 'lost'. Therefore no 'up and down' effect with my weight. I still use some of the products, but overall I eat normal meals. I feel great!! You should give her a call, trust me she is worth it.
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