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RIU Tikida Palmerai

Astrid Karsten commented on: 05-06-2012 15:39:22
though it is sometimes suggested, that it's hard to have a holliday in an islamic country, such as Marrakech, when being different. RIU resorts all over the world show the contrary fortunately! I've stayed in the Tikida Palmeraie resort in Marrakech for 12 days with very much pleasure! Clean, luxury, full of possibilities to relax and enjoy Morroco/Marrakech to the fullest. Enjoy!
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Astrid Karsten commented on: 11-04-2012 14:18:46
These guys are doing a tremendous job! Literally! If you have whatever reason, why it is harder to get a job (i.e speak different language, have physical disability etc.) They we look together with you the things you CAN do and are as valueable as a any other persons talent. Many people get back on track with them and companies benefit from diverse and creative employees!
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Alfa Kappa

Astrid Karsten commented on: 05-04-2012 16:46:42
I'm always training to make any form of communication personal. Not only for myself, but mostly for your customers, readers or any other relations. To know who is behind 'the logo', 'the advertorial'... To get to know your :)
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Optisport Health Clubs de Ronde Venen

Astrid Karsten commented on: 13-02-2012 11:51:37
Getting fit in one of the nicest gym's I've ever been. Friendly and professional personel
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Astrid Karsten commented on: 13-02-2012 11:48:06
Nice service, plenty of beers and good atmosphere!
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